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When you first came into being in the womb of your mother, a genetic blueprint was created that determined the detials of your form. To control and organize your growth, the nervous system were the first tissues formed. The nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and the nerves that connect your whole body to itself in communication.

Today, your nervous system controls the function of every system and process in your body.

Your brain is protected by your skull, but your spinal cord, the "broadband connection" of your body, is covered by 24 moving bones. While strong, your vertebrae leave your spinal cord vulnerable.

Nerve roots branch out from between each spinal joint, providing instructions and recieving imput from each area and organ of your body. Due to the shape and structure of the spine joints, a misalignment can happen, which can pinch the nerve roots. This can interfere with normal function. Doctors call this a subluxation.

Starting from the birth process itself, stress and tramua can misalign the spine, causing subluxation. Car accidents, stress, poor posture, and even long periods of sitting in a non-supporting chair can cause subluxation.

Without a normal nerve supply and pathways, organs and tissues can miss vital instructions, and you can miss vital clues to disease. This can lead to ill health and pain. Headaches and low back pain can often be traced back to spinal subluxation and interference to the nervous system.

Doctors of Chiropractic are specialized in the detection, reduction, and prevention of nervous system interference and subluxation. After their undergraduate studies, Docotrs of Chiropractic undergo an additional four years of education. Before graduation they must pass an exacting National Board Examination and meet stringent licensing requirements.

To help improve your health, chiropractors examine your spine to locate subluxations and to recommend specifc plans for your care. Your doctor will use carefully directed and controlled pressure to realign the bones causing nerve interference. This procedure is called a chiropractic adjustment. They are safe, can sometimes instantly relieve pain, and millions are done each day around the world. They are safer than back surgery, muscle relaxers, and even aspirin. Even newborns can recieve adjustments, and in some cases it may detect early problems that can be corrected before causing long term harm.

Regardless of the type of doctor you consult or see, doctor's do not heal. All they can do is help the body achieve normal function to heal itself. The first step to your body healing itself is to have fully functioning nerves to detect and begin to repair conditions.